Are you looking for ways to expand your academic horizon beyond pen and paper at university? Are you interested in tinkering with rockets and satellites?

Then the TU Wien Space Team is just the team to help you achieve these goals!

Students at TU Wien have the chance to hone their acquired skills from university and apply these in student led projects. Our strong points are experimental rockets, satellites and lunar landing modules.


International Competitions

The members of the TU Space Team take part in international competitions, such as C’Space or GLPX Challenge, and financially get by through the help of sponsors and the TU Wien. The bodies of the rockets and the electronics are designed and put together completely by the students in the space team. The rockets then prove their worth in these competitions, and have in the past not disappointed us.

Join us!

Are you interested in adding your own expertise to the team and working with us side by side on fun and interesting projects?

If you’re a student in computer science, any field of engineering, physics, or you’re just interested in what we do, send an email to and we’ll get back at you as soon as possible!