22nd - 23rd April 2017PolandThe HoundThe Hound
25th - 28th May 2017Launch Competition Leipzig – RoitzschjoraSTR-07STR-07, The Hound
July 2017C’Space – FranceSTR-07STR-07
4th - 6th August 2017Launch Competition ManchingSTR-07STR-07, The Hound
22th - 24th September 2017BALLS USAThe HoundThe Hound
14th - 14th October 2017Polandnonenone
5th - 8th May 2016Launch Competition Leipzig – RoitzschjoraSTR-06 - First Airframe Tests
STR04A - Two-Staged Electronics Demo (The Hound)
STR-06,The Hound
July 2016C’Space – FranceSTR-06STR-06
26th - 28th August 2016Launch Competition ManchingThe Hound Sustainer
STR-06 Two-Staged Flight
The Hound
15th - 16th October 2016Polandnonenone