To boldly go where no student has gone before!

The portfolio of the TU Wien Space Team also includes CubeSats. These are small satellites that are transported into space and perform experiments there.
Together with the FH Wiener Neustadt, a CubeSat project has already been successfully implemented:

  • Pegasus:
    Our main task in this project was the development of the Power Supply Unit (PSU) and the Board Computer (OBC). The TU Wien Space Team also developed the hardware and software of the base plate with its own camera module, which provides photos from space.

From 2018 to 2020 the TU Wien Space Team was working on the CubeSat project DISCO One. However, this CubeSat remains as a concept as the science payload – the modulating retro-reflector – couldn’t be realized.

  • DISCO One (Concept):
    The DISCO One project was developing a technology called Modulating Retro-Reflectors (MRR), designed specifically for micro-satellites, with which an optical communication to the ground station can be realised and allows for high data-downlink rates.

In Summer 2020 a new project was started.

  • SpaceTeamSat1:
    The CubeSat shall give pupils in Austria the opportunity to run self-developed software on the educational payload (Raspberry Pi) of the satellite and thus perform experiments in orbit around Earth.

A presentation of the Pegasus and DISCO One CubeSat projets by Andreas Sinn at Space Event 2019 (German):