Wir suchen Dich!

Am 30. Juni veranstalten wir das nächste Recruiting Event! Dort stellen wir all unsere Projekte vor und du erfährst, wie du bei uns mitwirken kannst. Ort und Uhrzeit werden noch bekanntgegeben. Danach finden die Onboarding Tage in unserer Werkstatt statt.

Dem Space Team kannst du regulär in den Tagen den Recruiting Events im November, im März oder im Juni beitreten. Wenn du mit einem unserer Projektleitenden schon eine andere Abmachung getroffen hast oder es andere Gründe für einen früheren Beitritt gibt, kannst du uns eine Nachricht an office@spaceteam.at oder an die jeweiligen Projektleitenden schicken. Ebenfalls suchen wir immer motivierte Leute in diversen organisatorischen Bereichen!

Wir freuen uns auf Dich!


Who didn’t always want to…

…attend a rocet launch?

…participate in exciting aviation and space projects?

…plan and test a rocket engine?


How can you support us?

  • You are tech savvy?
    With us you can build rockets, design satellites, plan and test rocket engines and much more. We work on many projects in a constantly growing team in all dispiplines of technology; from mechanical engineering, firmware and software development, electronics and electrical engineering to physics and chemistry. Rockets are complex systems that require expertise in many fields! We are currently working on several projects trying to break the world record for student teams. We are looking for like minded people for this journey!
  • You are fascinated by aviation and space, but you don’t have any technical background?
    Projekt management, public relations, presentations and representative events, legal general conditions, marketing and sponsoring, … – our ambitious prokects include many non-technical areas of responsibility! Furthermore, nothing stops you from delving more deeply into technical topics and expanding your horizon. We are always looking forward to support from scientific, legal or other backgrounds  – Verve and engagement are the most important qualifications!

      Studying at TU Vienna is not a requirement!

The following teams are currently looking for support:


Got interested?

You could immagine enriching our team?

In June we will host our next Recruiting Event in the Audimax of TU Vienna in German, followed by the Boarding Days in our workshop!

If you already arranged something else directly with one of our project managers or if there are any other reasons for an earlier entry, you can send us a message to office@spaceteam.at or directly at the responsible project manager. We are always looking for motivated people for all non-technical tasks in the various organizational groups!

We look forward to you!