Since the founding of the team, the TU Space Team has had the privilege to be in newspaper articles of many reputable newspapers and magazines in Austria. Furthermore, reports on our work has appeared on the TV channels ORF, ServusTV and on the internet on

17. & 24. March 2021

Wissensraum publishes a two-part article: Visit to the TU Wien Space Team.

30. October 2020

The student newspaper publishes a report about our cubeSat STS1.

17.September 2020

TU Wien’s website informs about our cubesat plans.

27.November 2019

Mach 5 Low-Down tells the story of several student teams and their recent attempts to reach space, including us.

12.November 2019

The student magazine HTU Info publishes a travel report of our time in the US.

31.October 2019

The science blog Schrödingers Katze reports on the TU Wien Space Team.

19.October 2019

The Oberösterreichischen Nachrichten publish a report about our president Christoph Fröhlich and the projects of the TU Wien Space Team, both online and in the print edition.

September 2019

Our attempt to break the European record with “The Hound” attracts a lot of attention, the following stories were published online:

Website – TU Wien
Website –
Website – Der Standard
Website – Kleine Zeitung
Website –
Website –
Website – (18.9.2019)
Website – (23.9.2019)
Website –
Website – W24
Website – Mach5SlowDown
Website –

The following reports are printed:

A 10-minute interview with one of our members can also be heard on Radio Oberösterreich

21.July 2019

The newspaper “Kronenzeitung” publishes this short report on our project “The Hound:

20.July 2019

The TV channel ORF1 shows a program about the moon landing and the TU Wien Space Team.

8.July 2019

The newspaper Kurier publishes a report on this year’s “Kinderuni” (which translates to “children’s university”), the TU Wien Space Team and our vice president Moritz Novak.

28.-29.June 2019

The newspaper “Die Presse” covers our cubesat project DISCO ONE, both online and in print.

1.-2.May 2019

On the website of the Ars Electronica Center in Linz and in a seperate press release the successful second Austrian CanSat competition and the involvement of the TU Wien Space Team are featured.

25.April 2019

The websites of Riot Games and Summoners-Inn tell the story of our “Daedalus” project.

27.March 2019

The bmvit Infothek covers our “Daedalus” project.

16.March 2019

The Austrian newspaper “Die Presse” prints a report on our  “Daedalus” project.

13-14.March 2019

The following online sources report about our successful “Daedalus” project.

Website – Der Standard
Website – Krone
Website –
Website – APA Science
Website – TU Wien
Website –
Website – Kleine Zeitung
Website – Tiroler Tageszeitung
Website –
Website –
Website – Economy
Website – ESA
Twitter – ESA

27.February 2019

The Kronenzeitung talks about Christian Plasounig, the project manager of “The Hound”.

12.February 2019

Radio NJOY 91.3 releases a 30-minute Interview with our vice president Tobias Bauernfeind.

9.February 2019

On Radio Wien our team and our projects are mentioned.

Also, the Heute newspaper reports on our work.

8.February 2019

The TV channel ServusTV reports on our team in its show “Servus am Abend”.

7.February 2019

The TV show “ORF 2 Wien Heute” features our team and our ambitions to break the student world record.

Additionally, publishes a report.

19.December 2018 covers the first Lego League event in Vienna in the involvement of the TU Wien Space Team.

20.November 2018

The Oberösterreichischen Nachrichten publish a report on our board member Ulrich Meisl and the TU Wien Space Team.

22.October 2018

On the website Mach5Low-Down the launch of our rocket The Hound is covered.

The fti Blog tells how we participated in the European Researchers’ Night 2018.

17.September – 3.October 2018

The following media channels cover our attempt to break the student world record with our rocket The Hound:

Website – TU Wien
Website – “Krone”
Website – (21.09.2018)
Website – (24.09.2018)
Website – APA Science (18.09.2018)
Website – APA Science (25.09.2018)
Website – (18.09.2018)
Website – (21.09.2018)
Website – (24.09.2018)
Website – “Salzburg 24”
Website – “Kleine Zeitung” (18.09.2018)
Website – “Kleine Zeitung” (24.09.2018)
Website – “Futter” (“Kleine Zeitung”)
Website – “Der Standard” (18.09.2018)
Website – “Der Standard” (24.09.2018)
Website – “Salzburger Nachrichten”
Website –
Website – Infothek des Bundesministeriums für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie (21.09.2018)
Website – Infothek des Bundesministeriums für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie (26.09.2018)
Website – “Vorarlberger Nachrichten” (18.09.2018)
Website – “Vorarlberger Nachrichten” (25.09.2018)
Website – Magazin Economy
Website – “Oberösterreichische Nachrichten”
Website –
Print – “Vorarlberger Nachrichten”
Print – “Krone”
Print – “Kurier” (21.09.2018)

Print – “Kurier” (25.09.2018)

Print – “Wiener Bezirkszeitung”

Additionally, the following video clips are published:
Website – W24 (18.09.2018)
Website & TV – W24 (20.09.2018)
TV –  ServusTV in “Servus am Abend”
Twitter – RUAG Space

17.May 2018 talks about the activities of our team.

9.May 2018

TU Wien’s website covers our “Space Event 2018”.

13.April 2018

The magazine covers the “Lange Nacht der Forschung” and the contribution of our team.

Additionally, talks about our project “Daedalus”.

12.April 2018

On the website of our cooperation with the the PTScientists is mentioned.

11.April 2018

In a APA press release our involvement in Austria’s first CanSat Challenge is mentioned.

March 2018

The following media cover the “Space Seeds” from the REXUS: Project Daedalus:

Website – TU Wien
Website –
Website – “DerStandard”
Website –
Website – APA Science
Website – Hamburger Abendblatt
Magazine – trend 9.3.2018
Magazin - Trend 9.3.2018

14.January 2018

The Austrian public broadcaster “ORF” reports on its website that eperiments on board the cubesat “Pegasus” are about to start.

9.January 2018

On the website of “WN24” an article about our cubesat “Pegasus” is published.

30.September 2017

“Salzburger Nachrichten” covers Austrian satellites and the cubesat “Pegasus”.









31.August 2017

“DFZ – Die Floridsdorfer Zeitung” publishes an article about our cubesat “Pegasus”.

20.July 2017

The “Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology” publishes an article about our cubesat “Pegasus”.

23.June 2017

“” reports on the successful launch of our cubesat “Pegasus”.

“Der Standard” reports on the successful launch of our cubesat “Pegasus”.

21.June 2017

The science magazine HEUREKA covers TU Wien Space Team and our Lunar Landing Module.












22.May 2017

“Der Standard” reports on the imminent launch of our cubesat “Pegasus”.

12.May 2017

The science magazine “Factory” publishes an article about our nanosatellite “Pegasus”.

10.May 2017

On the website of the “Technical University of Vienna” a report about our cubesat “Pegasus” is published.

“Der Standard” reports on the Austrian nanosatellite “Pegasus”.

The science magazine “monitor” covers our cubesat “Pegasus”.

“Kronen Zeitung” reports on the approaching launch of our cubesat “Pegasus”.

10.March 2017

On the website of the “Technical University of Vienna” an article about the project “Daedalus” is published.

26.August 2016

A special editon of Presse is reporting about our rocket launch in Alpbach.


09/10.April 2016

A report about the TU Wien Space Team as part of the coverage for Yuri’s Night in the weekend edtion of Presse.


11.September 2015

The daily newspaper derStandard reported about our Lunar-Landing-Module:

Wie man auf dem Mond ein Video dreht (Online Version)


10.September 2015

A TV-report named “Wien-Magazin” about our LunarLandingModule and our Rockets was sent on the TV-Cahnnel W24 :

Wien, die Stadt der Erfindungen (2nd. report)

07.September 2015

TU-Spaceteam is a University Showcase:

03.Septemer 2015

TU-Spaceteam on the Cover:

05.August 2015

23.January 2015

8th of August, 2014 The TU Space Team was also mentioned in an interview of the Part-Time Scientists, who were interviewed on their lunar rover. One can find an overview on ORF and listen to the interview here.

3rd of May, 2014 The Austrian newspaper “Die Presse” reported in their print edition and online on Space Day, which occurred on the 26th of May in TU Wien. In cooperation with the European Space Agency ESA, the TU Space Team presented their latest projects. Spaceteam_Presse030515.jpg

10th September, 2013 The Austrian newspaper “Der Standard” reported in their article ‘Per Blechdose durch die Galaxis‘ on the Space Day in the Museum of Technology. Among other things, they reported on the endeavours of the TU Space Team as well.

21st August, 2013 In their printed edition, the newspaper “Falter” reported on the TU Space Team. Editor Ruth Eisenreich reported on the current projects of the Space Team, introduced a few of our members and their motivation at working with the team, and future projects for competitions.FALTER_20130821_Kopie _Seite_39

For this year there is no known media coverage on the Space Team 
November 2011 Under the title “Auf Kuschelkurs mit der Rakete nach Frankreich” the newspaper “Der Standard” reported in their special section “UniStandard” the very first rocket project of the Space Team and the preparations for the start in France.

April 2011 The newspaper of the TU Wien, “TU Freihaus”, reported under the title “To boldly go where no student has gone before” on the activities of the Space Team, the rocket project and the CanSat-Project.