Space Event 2022

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Das Space Event ist eine Abendveranstaltung, bei der die Studierenden des TU Wien Space Teams die Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie, Forschung und Weltraumbegeisterte zusammenbringen und für die Luft- und Raumfahrt begeistern wollen. Sie zeigen anschaulich, was man alles erreichen kann, wenn … Continued

We worked 3 years for 8 seconds of pure adrenaline.

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TS03-24kN “Franz”: We celebrate the maiden hot fire test of our mobile rocket engine test facility “Franz”. Since 2020, countless hours have been spent designing and building this beast of a test stand. Designed to facilitate the use of different … Continued

Recruiting Event and Onboarding Days

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Are you enthusiastic about aerospace? Do you want to put the knowledge you gained at university into practice? Or have no prior experience and want to try something completely new? Tell your friends that you build rockets, airplanes or satellites … Continued

Space Event 2021

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Last week we broadcasted Space Event 2021 from the beautiful TU Wien Festsaal. Although our audience could only attend online it was a full success and we reached our goal to show people what space related things are happening in … Continued

CanSat 2021

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The yearly student competition CanSat was able to take place this year after having been cancelled in April 2020. The competition is held by ESERO on behalf of ESA. The TU Wien Space Team carries out the necessary rocket launch. … Continued

SpaceTeamSat1 Update

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Since the “SpaceTeamSat1” Kick Off in August 2020, some significant steps in the development of our CubeSat could be made, which we want to present in this blogpost. As previously announced, our first review – the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) … Continued

Test Stand Upgrade & Cold-Flow Test

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The last test series ended after the structure of TS-02 was inaugurated in February 2020 with several hot-fire engine tests, in which the remaining hardware of TS-01 was combined with the new engine “Amalia”. The engine was designed for use … Continued

10th anniversary

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10 years ago, on November 3rd 2010, the TU Wien Space Team was founded by a small group of motivated students. Initiator and first president Fabian Duschel got inspired on a semester abroad at the university INSA Lyon by the … Continued