STR-01 Origin
STR-01 Origin

This was our first experimental rocket and also the very first project of our team. Space team rocket numer 1 (STR-01) was built in 2010 and 2011. At C’Space 2011 in Biscarosse was the first start.

  • Diameter: 89mm
  • 54mm Motor (CTI K570)
  • Length: 2430mm
  • Mass (without motor): 5kg
  • Mechanical seperation mechanism (pre-apogee seperation failure)
  • GoPro camera (lost video data)
  • Start-detection with Jack
  • Geiger-Counter
  • Flight Measurment System (FMS 1.0)
  • Filament wound GFRP tubes
  • Sandwich Fin-Can structure
  • Prices: „Prix Espace et Industrie“ (EADS & Sodern)

A pre-apogee seperation failure caused seperation and parachute deployment at maximum velocity. This destroyed the parachute and lead to damage on our electronic system. After several seconds of tumbling, the rocket had a rough impact. Surprisingly there was only minor damage to the mechanical structure. With this rocket we gained much of experience on how to build a secure rocket.

Special: Experimental Fin Set