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Pyro Line Cutter v1.0

We developed a key-component for our „next-gen“ recovery-setup. A small BP-charge is propelling a bolt with a sharp cutting-edge onto another blunt insert – cutting the cord in-between. Two of this devices are meant to release the main parachute by (redundantly) cutting a strong cord which is holding the lid over the chute-compartment.


Part-List: (EndCap; Fuze and BP-Charge; Cutting-Bolt with O-Rings; Body-Tube with Cord-Hole; Blunt Counterpart; EndCap)


Cutting-Bolt Shape


The Cuttung-Bolt is made of SilverSteel but not hardened(heat-treated) this time and therefore „single-use“. Developement ongoing.


[kad_youtube url=“https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dixI8KeGacc“ width=600 maxwidth=1280 ]

Test setup with a 3mm nylon cord



Pyro Line Cutter v2.0