TU Wien Space Team Prepares for The Hound VI Rocket Launch on September 22

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Vienna – September 2, 2023

Here at the TU Wien Space Team, we are diligently preparing for an exciting milestone in our ongoing rocketry endeavors. On September 22, 2023, we will launch the Hound VI, our sixth iteration of The Hound series of solid-propelled rockets. For those who have been following our journey, you may recall the challenges we faced last year. This year, we are more determined than ever to overcome those hurdles and strive for success.

The primary objective of the Hound VI is to achieve the highest possible altitude using commercially available off-the-shelf rocket motors. To reach this goal we had to optimize every aspect of the rocket’s design and minimize weight while ensuring stability during the flight, a task that demands a fine balance between innovation and precision.

The launch will be streamed live via Starlink on YouTube. To stay up to date and receive further details, make sure to subscribe to our social media channels.