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The FIRST project enables new members to plan, build and launch their first rocket in small teams, supported by workshops and reviews from experienced members. FIRST 2024 starts on 23 April 2024 at 6 pm at our headquarters! Are you interested? You can get more information at our recruiting event on 12 April 2024 or write to

The FIRST (First Introduction to Rockets and Space Team) project was launched to make it easier for the many interested students who join us every year to join the TU Wien Space Team. New members are given the chance to plan, build and launch their first rocket in small teams within three to four months. The expertise required for this is taught to the participants by experienced members in accompanying lectures and workshops. They cover the basics of model rocket construction such as aerodynamic stability, motor classification and recovery concepts, as well as introductions to flight simulation with OpenRocket, 3D CAD design, 3D printing, metal fabrication and working with composite materials such as carbon and glass fibre.

To support the plans and progress of the working groups, there are several design reviews led by experienced members of the Space Team. Those teams that pass all reviews and complete their rocket on time and in fulfilment of all requirements are allowed to complete their first rocket launch at a flight day at the end of the project.