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Home » Report on the rocketry days in Roitzschjora (Leipzig)

Report on the rocketry days in Roitzschjora (Leipzig)

On the 16th May, 2015, 9 members of the TU Spaceteam lifted off rockets on the airfield Roitzschjora, organised by the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Modellraketen Deutschland”.

The Space Team started 4 rockets in total, where the workhorse of the team turned out to be our trusty STR-03A Phoenix, which completed 3 of the 4 take offs. Phoenix’s flights successfully tested our new, even smaller board computer (60mm diameter). Furthermore, a radio transmission with 5GHz- Outdoor-Wifi was tested and we could successfully receive live-videos from the rocket to the ground station.

There was also a successful maiden flight: the STR-Needle. This rocket is a nearly completely 3D printed rocket and managed to reach an altitude of 900 m. Unfortunately, the deployment of the rockets parachute ran into some problems and the forces through landing broke the 3D printed fins.

The Space Team would like to thank the companies Schiebel and 3Dee for their support.

Rocket Altitude Motor Characteristics Diameter Length Mass
STR-03A 600 m AT I300T Live-Videostream to the ground station (analog and digital), maiden flight of the new boardomputer and a raspberry pi 10 cm 175 cm 3 kg
STR-Needle 900 m AT H148R Nearly completely 3D printed rocket, parachute failure after separation process, fin damage at landing 5,6 cm 123 cm 1,1 kg
STR-03A 300 m AT H242T Live-Videostream to ground station (digital). 10 cm 175 cm 2,9 kg
STR-03A 1000 m AT J350W Live-Videostream to ground station (analog und digital). 10 cm 175 cm 3,1 kg
20150516-154718-2 20150516-154718-3 20150516-200347 20150516-122051
20150516-122137 20150516-133910 20150516-135412 20150516-153936
20150516-154718 20150516-154028 20150516-174138 20150516-110347
20150516-111114 20150516-121700 20150516-121841 20150514-182027
20150515-155614 20150515-171107 Needle_Erstflug (2) Needle_Erstflug (1)