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Pictures of the Rocketry Days Leipzig 2016

Between the 5th and 8th of May, members of the TU Wien Space Team travelled to the rocketry days of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Modellraketen in Roitzschjora in Leipzig.

We had many successful launches, one of which which requires special praise is the maiden voyage of STR-06 Watney !


Rocket Altitude Motor Interesting Facts
Diameter Length Mass
Needle 400 m CTI H87 Test flight with new electronics 10 cm 130 cm 0.85 kg
Needle 1200 m AT I218 R Space Team’s internal acceleration record with 30 g 10 cm 130 cm 1 kg
STR-04A 500 m AT I600 R 2 staged flight without upper stage motor.

Unfortunate damage to the lower stage

10 cm 254 cm 5.9 kg
STR-06 500 m AT I300 T Mayden voyage, pyrotechnical recovery


10 cm 163 cm 4 kg