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Visiting the ILA – Berlin Air Show 2016

This year, members of the TU Wien Space Team visited the ILA – Berlin Air Show. The Part Time Scientists (PTS) presented their 1:1 Prototype of the lunar lander ALINA, which the TU Wien Space Team helped assemble. Because of this, the PTS were kind enough to invite us to the ILA conference.

We also had the opportunity to explore the exhibitions of our sponsor Airbus with the guidance of Bastian Schäfer. Mr Schäfer also had a surprise for us- the new 3D printed fincan prototype for our project The Hound. With this we were able to impress other visitors at the conference and introduced them to the Space Teams various projects.

Not only did we make many new contacts to members of the aerospace engineering sector, we also had the opportunity to expand our knowledge and expertise in aerospace related topics due to the large concentration of experts at the conference itself.
This whole conference was a very rewarding experience for all members and we are looking forward to next years conference!


2016-06-01 ILA 007
Space Team members (left to right): Ulrich Meisl, Alexander Hartl, Christian Plasounig, and Manuel Schleiffelder (PTS and Space Team) at the exhibition booth of the Part Time Scientists. In the background one can see the lunar lander module ALINA and the moon rover Audi Lunar Quattro.


2016-06-02 ILA 087
Space Team members Alexander Hartl (left) and Christian Plasounig (right) with chairman of the German Aerospace Center Prof. Dr. Ehrenfreund, holding the new fincan prototypes.