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C’Space 2016 – Rocket launch in France!

The STR-06 (Space Team Rocket-06) team is on their way to the C’Space rocket competition in Tarbes, France!

For this competition it is not permitted to have the rocket separate with a pyrotechnical separation mechanism, so the STR-06 team developed a mechanism that separates the rocket with the pressure exerted from a small CO2 capsule. The board computer operates servos that open the capsule, which then exert a pressure of around 10g. We would like to thank our sponsors iSi Components GmbH and Amari Austria GmbH.

The launch day of STR-06 is projected to be any time between Monday and Wednesday, mostly dependent on how quickly we can pass the mechanical and electrical tests of the competition.
We will keep you updated!



Demonstrationsvideo zum Trennmechanismus:

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