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Maiden flight of the upper stage of The Hound


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From the 25th June until the 28th June, members of the TU Wien Space Team were with the rocket “The Hound” at the rocketry days held by the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Modellraketen” in Roitzschjora in Leipzig, Germany.

The goal of the team is to launch The Hound with configurations that would be near identical with the configurations that will be used in the actual record attempt in autumn. For this, the launch day in Germany would prove useful to test the upper stage of The Hound. The new recovery system (which is already built to be able to withstand the extreme conditions of the record attempt), the automatic apogee detection, the attitude control (for the motor ignition), and the Space Team developed radio modules were tested at launch.

Since the flight data analysis showed problems with the apogee detection and during the preparations a few mechanical problems came up, the two staged flight had to be moved to a later date due to safety concerns.
However now the software problems have been fixed and the required mechanical adjustments have been implemented in order to have a two staged launch on the weekend of the 24th of June in Straubing, Germany.

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