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Austrian CanSat Competition 2017/18

For the first time in history the Austrian CanSat Competition for high school students took place. The mission of the participating student teams was to build a satellite the size of a coke can, which were launched to an altitude of 500 meters within a rocket and released. During the return to earth the CanSats had to collect data in order to fulfil their mission.

The competition was organized by ESERO Austria in cooperation with the TU Wien Space Team.

The TU Wien Space Team was responsible for the rocket launches that housed the CanSats.

After several months of preparation the CanSats were able to be launched on the 10.04.2018 from one of the TU Wien Space Team’s rockets at an altitude of 450 meters and safely returned to earth while fulfilling their mission.

The Team EcoSat, consisting of Klemens Fischl, Maximilian Hierner, Florian Leonhartsberger, Alexander Fraisl and Tobias Strondl, from HTL Ybbs displayed an amazing work and have been crowned the winners of the Austrian competition. They now have the chance to compete against the best European satellite builders on the Azores for the European CanSat competition held by ESA from the 28th June until the 1st of July 2018.

A few pictures of the competition can be found here:

More information can be found on the following website: