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FFG – Promoting Innovation

Since day one, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) and the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) are big supporters of our work at the TU Wien Space Team. We thank them for their long-time sponsorship and would like to give them a chance to speak for themselves:

The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) is the national funding agency for industrial research and development in Austria and the interface to the European Space Agency (ESA). The Aeronautics and Space Agency of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG is the docking station to the international space world for Austrian science and industry. On behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology, the agency implements the national space policy and represents Austria in the European Space Agency and in the relevant bodies of the European Union.

Education and outreach are important tasks, which are fulfilled through special FFG initiatives that aim at fostering the interest of the young generation in the STEM field via space technology. One of the goals is to help young, qualified space scientists and engineers and students to take advantage of educational and advanced training opportunities and to secure work placements at key space research centres in Austria and abroad.

The topic of space is used in particular to make young people curious about science and research, to convey a fascination for technology and mathematics, and to inspire children and young people and to support corresponding career paths. To achieve this, FFG and its Aeronautic and Space Agency offer access to the international space scene as well as education and training activities:

  • Support of young people and students for projects and activities within the framework of the national space programme ASAP endowed by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology
  • Placement and support of young researchers for training offers of the European Space Agency ESA
  • Organisation of the annual Summer School Alpbach and scholarships for Austrian participants
  • Support for the ESA education hub ESERO in Austria and related projects (e.g. CanSat, Mission X)

We want to bring space to schools and universities. We invest in the next generation of researchers and have been looking forward to every successful project with the TU Wien Space Team for several years now. We are pleased to contribute in reaching many students and smoothing their way to a space career.

#PromotingInnovation in collaboration with the TU Wien Space Team.