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Visiting the German Aviation and Aerospace Congress

Every year the German Society for Aeronautics and Astronautics invites scientists, companies and space enthusiasts to the German Aviation and Aerospace Congress (DLRK). For several days the conference included various panels and discussions about recent Aerospace topics.

TU Vienna Space Team used this opportunity to be present in the exhibition area
and to share our experience with attendees, scientists, entrepreneurs and other student teams.

The congress in Darmstadt has also been an opportunity to network with other student teams from German speaking countries, some of which have been sharing projects at their booths and presentations.

Not only the official part of the conference with presentations and talks was a worthwhile experience but also the accompanying social events such as a meeting with other student groups.
The team meeting took place on the weekend before the aerospace congress. The goals discussed by the meeting: to set up the student inter-university network and to exchange technical and organizational experiences. Some members of TUDSat, a team from Darmstadt, walked us through their hometown and showed us its surroundings – from sightseeing to the beer garden.



The congress finally began as the week started. The intense program offered informative and interesting panels all day long, fascinating exhibits and possibilities to get in contact with different people and companies.

The visitors showed a big interest in our booth, where we talked about our projects and current achievements. We managed to get our visitors attention by showing off our remarkable exhibits. Well known visitors DLR CEO Pascale Ehrenfreund and DLR Board member Rolf Henke came by to have a discussion with us.



By attending the DLRK we could extend our outreach and strengthened our presence in german speaking countries. We received excellent feedback and established our ability to compete with other student teams at the international level.

Last but not least, we want to thank the organizers of DGLR, our sponsors and HTU for their support as well as our colleagues from TUDSaT for their generous hospitality!