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Swagelok Safety Workshop

In the course of our current mission, the development of a liquid rocket, piping has become an increasingly important topic. In order to ensure successful and safe operation of the piping system, great care must be taken to avoid critical errors, starting from the digital design phase to the final integration of the components.

Swagelok’s many years of experience have resulted in a strong set of guidelines for designing and handling the company’s pipe elements. Access to such knowledge ensures the necessary reliability highlighted above.

In order to prepare us for the upcoming integration of the many Swagelok components, Swagelok offered us a dedicated safety training course.

The safety training took place at our workshop in mid-February.

The preceding theoretical part was far from dull. The entire group listened closely, so that no bit of information was lost.

The theoretical course was followed by a practical part, which focused primarily on cutting, bending and fitting pipes. In groups of two, a number of workpieces were manufactured, using the previously learned calculations and handling of components In one group the assembly was not successful the first time, due to a calculation error, but that was exactly the point of the whole course – learning, making mistakes in a safe environment and gaining a better understanding for our upcoming tasks.

Many thanks to our sponsor Swagelok for this great opportunity!