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Home » TU Wien Space Team takes the stage at Small Satellite Conference 2023

TU Wien Space Team takes the stage at Small Satellite Conference 2023

The Small Satellite Conference welcomes its participants at the opening social.

The Small Satellite Conference in Logan, Utah, is a prestigious annual event that brings together experts, researchers, and enthusiasts from the space industry to discuss the latest advancements in satellite technology and space exploration. This August, the TU Wien Space Team had the incredible opportunity to present their SpaceTeamSat1 (STS1) CubeSat mission to the world at this renowned conference. This year‘s iteration focused on the opportunities and challenges CubeSat constellations pose. The STS1 team was invited to hold a talk about the secondary topic of the conference: The management of succesful educational programs in the space-tech domain. A topic that is close to the heart of the TU Wien Space Team, and extremely important for the future of the industry. In the paper „On the Challenges of Reaching Pupils with Spacetech-related Extracurricular Activities“ (accessible via this link), the team explains their concept to setting up an interesting learning experience for students and how they will participate in the STS1 mission.

The TU Wien Space Team talks about leading successful educational programs.

Learning from other CubeSat projects and connecting with industry partners was a great experience and of tremendous value for the STS1 project and the whole TU Wien Space Team. Hence, the team wants to express its gratitude to the Small Satellite Conference for the invitation, and is thrilled to report mission success at SSC 2024.

Novel space technologies are presented at the industry exhibitions.