The STR-Rocket Series

The Space Team Rockets, STR in short, were the very first projects of the TU Wien Space Team. As the years went by, the rockets grew bigger and more ambitious. Today we can proudly look back to dozens of successful rocket launches in France, Germany and Poland. The next edition – STR-10 – will perform its first launch in 2020.



The C’Space competition is a rocketry competition organized by the French space agency CNES and their organization Planète-Sciences, which takes place during the summer months in France. Since the 70s students from around the world take part in order to present their projects and see their hard work lift off.
During the C’Space week students not only have the chance to launch their own experimental rockets, but also to launch mini rockets, atmospheric balloons, and CanSats with experiments.


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The following table displays all STR rockets which were sucessfully launched:

Code NameFuryWatneyWatney SupersonicWatney 2-stagedFlorentCoyote Asimov Leonor
Release Date06/201505/201608/201608/201607/201707/201807/201910/2020
Diameter102 mm102 mm102 mm102 mm102 mm194 mm151 mm104 mm
Length1590 mm162 cm162 cm247 cm1940 mm2440 mm2230 mm1800 mm
Mass3775 g5700 g (max.)3776 g6655 g5636 g17790g6600g4100g
PropulsionCTI K570I300-AT, K570H148R, K1100-ATI600-AT (booster)
Klima D9 (sustainer)
Pro75 L800-PPro75 L800-PPro54 K570-7Pro54 K445-7
Separation2x Pneumatic2x Pyroless recoveryPyrotechnic chargePyrotechnic charge (booster),
2x Pyroless recovery (sustainer)
2x Pyroless recoveryMechanicMechanicClampband
RecoverySingleDualDualSingle (booster)
Dual (sustainer)
DualSingleSingleSingle refeed
ElectronicsFMS 2.3FMS 3.2FMS 3.2FMS 3.2FMS 3.2FMS 3.2FMS 3.4FMS 3.4
OutlineSTR05STR06 CutSTR06 Single StageSTR06 two-staged
Code NameOriginHornetBlack BirdPhoenixStriveStriveNeedle
Release Date08/201108/201208/201308/201408/201405/201505/2015
Diameter89 mm89 mm104 mm104 mm104 mm104 mm56 mm
Length2300 mm2600 mm1650 mm1700 mm2400 mm1620 mm1230 mm
Mass5500 g4900 g3700 g3750 g5600 g3300 g (CTI J420)
2800 g (AT I218R)
approx. 1100 g
PropulsionCTI K570CTI K570CTI K570i.a. CTI K570, AT I300TCTI K570, AT I600 R AT I218R, CTI J420i.a. CTI H87, AT I218 R, 3x Klima D9
SeparationMechanicMechanicPneumatic2x Pneumatic4x PneumaticPyrotechnicPyrotechnic
ElectronicsFMS 1.0FMS 1.0
FMS 2.0
FMS 2.1FMS 2.32x FMS 2.21x FMS 3.0FMS 3.0 - 3.2
OutlineSTR04ASTR Needle