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This is (not) rocket science!

We are happy to announce that the TU Wien Space Team is actively contributing to space education within the project “This is (not) rocket science!”, lead by the Technisches Museum Wien. Within this project children from different schools can participate and learn about different aspects of space technologies. The project is divided in four main chapters: New Space, Women in Space, Moonvillage or Mars colony and Space debris or world heritage. Here, the TU Wien Space Team will mainly contribute to the New Space section, perfectly fitting with its ambitious projects, as e.g. the CubeSat mission SpaceTeamSat1, which allows students to execute their own experiments in space on board of the CubeSat. The CubeSat itself is equipped with different sensors and cameras, which can be accessed via the well-known Raspberry Pi platform.

In mid-October the Kick-off of the project “This is (not) rocket science” took place in the Technische Museum Wien. There all contributors got to know each other and the future plan was discussed, how the project shall be executed within the next three years. As the TU Wien Space Team already has experience in space education and will extend its program in this sense, a wide variety can be offered to participating schools. From small rocket workshops and starts to visualization of satellite communication to name some future ideas in the scope of this project. 

We are looking forward to many exciting workshops with future scientists!