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the Team

Who we are

The TU Wien Space Team is a student working group specialising in aerospace engineering at the TU Wien. We are involved in the development of experimental rockets, rocket engines, satellites and much more.

We have set ourselves the task of designing aircraft of all kinds and manufacturing the necessary components ourselves. We take part in international competitions with the functional devices or organise independent test series.

With us, students not only have the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge from their studies into practice and independently tackle new tasks, but also to become part of a larger project with clearly defined goals. The focus here is also on dynamic collaboration within the TU Wien Space Team and with other teams and working groups. As the TU Wien Space Team is a non-profit organisation, we are dependent on the support of third parties. Without the support of our sponsors, it would not be possible for us to realise projects on this scale!

In the meantime, the TU Wien Space Team has not only become a flagship project of TU Wien, but also serves as a platform for students interested in projects in the field of aerospace engineering. Our projects are exclusively intended for civilian use.

how it all began

How it all began:

In the winter of 2010, ten students from the TU Wien came together for the first time, driven by their passion for aerospace engineering. The collaboration began with the vision of designing, building and launching a rocket themselves. The “TU Wien Space Team” was born.

STR-01 “Origin” was the first “Space Team” rocket. Back in summer 2011 in France, we took part in “C’Space”, an international event organised by CNES, with the rocket and won the “Prix Espace et Industrie” twice.

Where we are today:

Today, our team consists of over 100 members. We can showcase many new, exciting projects in the field of aerospace, while at the same time remaining true to our main focus, experimental rocket construction. Successful co-operations, for example with Part Time Scientists, the University of Würzburg or the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt, enable us to realise complex projects even more professionally today. You can find a list of alumni here.

contact Information

Contact point for journalists

Our president would be happy to provide you with further information on the activities and current successes of the Space Team!


Marianne Röchling

contact point for the projects

The current board, project managers and organisational managers can be found here:

general enquiries

General enquiries can be sent to, we are looking forward to your mail!